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Gage Morris gmm643 Conclusion: The purpose of the experiment with the marbles was to see how real life results on the wooden board compared to the Gaussian distribution curve. For the first 50 count graph, it was not using probability density, but showed a tendency towards the middle of the board, just as the Gaussian distribution would predict. For the 300 count graph, the probability density followed the Gaussian distribution more closely. There were though some anomalies, and the ball tended most often not towards the center of the board, but to the 3 slot. The steel ball graph, contrary to my hypothesis, showed a tendency towards the outsides of the board. The data was not something measured by a hand tool and was tallied up, there is no uncertainty in the measurements. The error in this experiment could have come from two different places. For one, the board is very likely not completely straight, and over time might have bent or was
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Unformatted text preview: made very slightly bent. Also, my partner and I noticed that the marble would sometimes get stuck between two nails when it followed a certain path, which is most definitely a source of error. Plus, when the steel marbles went all the way to the outside of the board, it allowed them to fall straight down towards the bottom of the board. To prevent that from happening and at the same time improving the experiment, the board could have been made around twice as large. This would have made it near impossible for the steel ball to fall straight towards the bottom if it got to a certain point and would allow for a better distribution of where the marbles went. Another possible improvement upon the experiment could have been at the launch of the ball at the top of the board. Instead of just dropped through, the top of the board could have a launching mechanism that allows for more consistent drops through the hole....
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