Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - and sort of make A and B meetSubstrate is...

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s and sort of “make A and B meet or collide making reaction faster”. After they meet in the second step here, in the third step they are let go Enzyme with substrate binded to it Substrate is converted into product. Product gets out of enzyme Enzyme with Activation site Chapter 6 Enzymes Enzymes are proteins that speed up reaction. A reaction has to be spontaneous in order for enzymes to speed up the reaction. A non spontaneous will not work even with the presence of the enzymes. They have to have negative G. Reactants must have higher free energy then products. Enzymes are called biological catalysts. Catalysts are agents that speed up reaction without itself being used up in a reaction. Biological catalysts are much faster than inorganic catalysts. Activation energy it is the minimum amount of energy that reactants must have in order for them to collide to one another and to go forward with the reaction. Catalysts work by lowering this activation energy. Reactants are called substrate. A point on the enzyme which substrate binds to is called active site and it is determined by the 3D structure of the protein. (Each enzyme has a specific 3D structure that is specific for particular substrate). Example: Without the Enzyme A+B AB (without the enzyme the chances of A and B bouncing around are colliding to each other are pretty low and therefore, the reaction would proceed much slower). With Enzyme A B Enzyme There are two kinds of enzymes.
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Lock and Key only specific substrates can bind to the enzyme and the reaction proceeds. It is just like a “lock and key” only specific key that is made for a specific lock can open the door. Only specific reactants can bind to highly specific enzymes resulting in a reaction. Induced fit model
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Chapter 6 - and sort of make A and B meetSubstrate is...

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