Chapter 12

Chapter 12 - Chapter 12 Endomembrane System Different...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 12 Endomembrane System Different structures of the cells Endoplasmic Rectilum o RER o SMR Golgi Lysosomes Transport Vesicles Perixosomesnot part of the Endomembrane o They are not made in same way as the structures above, they are thought to be made out of endosymbotic theory. You can differentiate all this structures by performing centrifugation BUT, after you centrifuge them how do you know what is what? You know what is what by indentifying different enzymes. You have to know what enzymes are present in what organelles and if you identify an enzyme that you know is found in certain structure you know what you are looking at. FUNCT IONS OF RER 1. Rough ER is only used to make proteins that will be secreted or stay in membrane. Ribosomes in the RER is on the cytosol side not on the lumen side. 2. Rough ER also adds sugar to a protein (glycosylation of protein), it adds sugars to many proteins because most of the protein that we see on the plasma membrane are made here. 3. Folding and modification of some protein will start in RER. 4. I t has Quality Control by structures called Chaperonesmakes sure proteins are made and folded right. 5. When proteins are made, it sends them to Golgi, by using vesicles that breaks off the RER go to the Golgi bind to itcalled transition vesicles. You have to note that not all the proteins are made in the RER, there are many proteins that are made in the cytosol. ALL PROTEINS START TO BE MADE IN THE CYTOSOLSo how does it know to send the proteins to RER that are going to be secreted or attached to the RER membrane??...
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Chapter 12 - Chapter 12 Endomembrane System Different...

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