Chapter 15

Chapter 15 - Chapter 15 Cytoskeleton system MICROTUBLES...

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Chapter 15 Cytoskeleton system MICROTUBLES ACTIN MICROFILMENTS INTERMEDIATE FILMENTS Hollow and Rigid Wide in Diameter, 25nm wide NOT hollow, more flexible Small in diameter, 7nm wide Flexiable, NOT hollow Intermediate in size, 10nm Alpha and beta subunits Globular Each monomer is G actin or Globular actin. Whole chain is F actin Cell specific protein Made of several monomer Keratin—Epithelial cells Desmin—Muscle cells Neurons—Neuro filment proteins or NFP Glial cells—GFAP 2 Parts—Cytoplasm MT and Axonemal Cytoplasm MTs FXNS Make mitotic spindle for division Movement of organelles and vesicles in cytoplasm Cell shape (you can also inhibit MTs) Axonemal FXNS In cilia and flagella—involved in movement (mass movement) Constriction movements Muscle contractions Cleavage Cell cortex Rigidity Structure—Keratin Axondinmeter—NFPs Microtubles Major MTs organizing organelles are centriole, a cell have 2 of this. o Axonemal MTs are the once responsible for loco motion—cilia and flagella they are made of basal bodies. Basal bodies organize Axonemal MTs. MTs are like a donought or non flexiable straw. They are made up of alpha and beta tublin. They form a hetrodiamer. Alpha and beta have similar genes and similar molecular weight and same AA sequences. Alpha and beta tublin have different section on them o They have a site where GTP binds called GTP binding domain o MTs disrupting molecule binding site—colchicine binding domain o Also have different proteins that bind to MTs called MAPs or Microtubule associated protein. MT formation FIG 15-3 to 15-7
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Chapter 15 - Chapter 15 Cytoskeleton system MICROTUBLES...

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