Chapter 17

Chapter 17 - Chapter 17 ECM Extracellular matrix deals with...

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Chapter 17 ECM Extracellular matrix deals with what is going on the out side the cell. ECM are multi cellular, they vary a lot in our body, they are included in tissues as blood, bone, fat, neural so, they are included in wide variety in our body. ECM consists of extracellular proteins and extracellular polysaccharide. In ECM the general two components are hydrated gel like component (made of proteoglycans) and Fibers TYPES OF ECM Epithelial cells Special ECM underlying the epithelial tissues is called basement membrane. Basement membrane is a thin sheet that glues the epithelial cells down to the tissue. There is a cellular and a non cellular component in Basement membrane or epithelial cells. The non cellular component is called Basal Lamina which is like a gluey part. Interstinal ECM It is found between cells, within cells and cartilage or between any tissue. It is made of hydrated gel like structure and fibers Provisional ECM It is a temporary ECM, like a blood clot. PROTEINS OR FIBERS OF ECM All these proteins are made inside the cells but in ECM they are outside the cell Collagen Collagen is a very tough kind of protein; it is like a strong rope. It is made of many collagen fibers bundled together. They start as a single alpha chain 3 alpha chains get together with loose end and this is called procollagen (pro=3) Lose end is cleaved by peptidase and we have a collagen molecule And finally stacks of collagen molecules make a single collagen fiber. But there is also a process to make this single alpha chain of the collagen, and this alpha chain is made of such AA structural patter that there is “Gly” at every third step or unit. This makes the chain pack together very tightly because glycine is the smallest AA. In collagen, proline have to be hydroxylated so you form collagen, Vitamin C is necessary to
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Chapter 17 - Chapter 17 ECM Extracellular matrix deals with...

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