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Chpater 24 - C hpater 24 Cancer Cells We dont study the...

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We don’t study the physigiological of effects of cancer in our body, but we study the effects of cancer on our cells. Oncogenesis onco=tumor and usually it’s a cancerous tumor. Process of cancer starting or tumor starting Benign tumor it grows in confined area and usually its not dangerous. Malignant tumor can invade surrounding tissues, and can enter the bloodstream, and spread to distant parts in our body, this can be dangerous. They can spread with INVASION just get on to neighboring cells or tissues. They can spread with METASTASIS, they actually travel through the bloodstream and spread to parts of the body. “oma” suffix usually means it’s cancer. Hallmarks of Cancer cells Uncontrolled cell division—division is not controlled by growth factor or anything. Division is continues it doesn’t have to be turned on. ONCOGENES effects this They are insensitive to antigrowth signals. The tumor suppression genes don’t work. TUMOR SUPPRESSION GENES EFFECTS THIS. They are anchorage and density independent. Normal cells will divide and if they touch another cell that is like them, they will stop dividing (contact dependence). o Cancer cells if they touch each other they will not stop dividing. Avoidance of apoptosis o Caused by the loss of function of genes like p53. Immortality
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Chpater 24 - C hpater 24 Cancer Cells We dont study the...

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