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Alphabetical+List+of+Irregular+Verb+Forms - L Appendix M...

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Unformatted text preview: \ L Appendix M Alphabetical List of Irregular Verb Forms broadcast bufld burst buy cast catch choose cfing come cost creep cut was/were bore beat became began bent bet bid bound bit bled blew broke bred brought broadcast built burst bought cast caught chose clung came cost crept cut dealt dug dove/dived did drew drank drove ate fell fed felt fought Past Participle been born/borne beaten become begun bent bet bid ‘ bound bflien bled [flown broken bred brought broadcast buflt burst bought cast caught chosen clung come cost crept cut . dealt dug dove/dived done drawn drunk dfiven eaten fallen fed felt fought forgive freeze get give go gfind grow hang have hear hide hit hold hurt keep know lay lead leave lend let lie fight lose make mean meet mistake overcome overdo overtake overthrow Pay forgave froze got gave went ground grew hung had heard hid hit held hurt kept knew laid led left lent let lay lit/ lighted lost made meant met mistook overcame overdid overtook overthrew paid Past Participle forbidden forgotten forgiven frozen gotten given gone ground grown hung3 had heard hidden hit held hurt kept known laid led left lent let lain lit/lighted lost made meant met mistaken overcome overdone overtaken overthrown paid 3Hanged is used as the past form to refer to punishment by death. Hung is used in other situations: She hung the picture on the wall. AP34 Appendix M / Alphabetical List of Irregular Verb Forms gng suuod qJQA Jelnfiaul }o 1911 IBDDQqudW / W xypueddv ngodSJo pauods n;d510 Panzds 1dea110 padea] 1u123110 pauJea] 1]au>| JO pa]aau>; 1weaJp JO paLueaJp weaJp 1u1nq JO pau1nq u1nq '1- .10 pa- u; pua nods 1uds dea] U129] 1aaux nanls ua1ols pools Buans peaxds 1116's uds unds aanls 91015 pools 5u21ds peast 1nd5 uds unds Um qua/\ mum :10 endgamed 152d pue 152d aql uaan BunJM poolsun PPWJAM ummpqum punom uom 1daM PaM/P9PPaM uaAOM UJOM uaxom lasdn maqdn poolsJapun umoup, Jufinoul P101 u101 1q5ne; uaxe; BunMS wnms uanoms/panams 1daMS uxoms uaAyls uaxayqs/xanjls xunls Bunls aldpmed 1sed 3101M BumM poolsqlgm PlaqqlEM maquum punom UOM 1daM paM/pappaM BAOM aJOAA axom 195dn maqdn poolsxapun maul qqfinoql [H01 3101 lqfinel x001 BunMS weMs panams 1daMS aJOMS BAOJls xanjls xuels Bunls :a1oN 31pm BupM puelsquvx P10” WM MBJangm pugm ugm daaM paM aAeaM JeaM axeM lasdn moudn puelsJapun mom), flulql 1131 1231 qaeal axe: Buyms uuMS naMS daaMS JEBMS aAyls axyls nuns Buns luads pads uaqods 1H5 PHS 1da1s 12$ nuns Buns 1nqs uexuans/xunqu pamoqs/umoqs loqs paugqs/auoqs paqs uaxeqs pamas/umas 135 luas P105 qqfinos uaes PflS UHJ uasy BunJ UBPPH p231 unb 1nd paAOJd/uaAOJd papea1d/pa1d aldpmea 159d luads pads axods 1H5 PHS 1dau 12$ Hues Bues 1nqs nuans/aueJqs pamoqs loqs paugqs/auoqs paqs aooqs pamas 19$ luas P105 lqfinos MES PEPS us; 9501 Sue; apOJ peaJ unb 1nd pBAOJd papea1d/pa1d ...
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Alphabetical+List+of+Irregular+Verb+Forms - L Appendix M...

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