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How to Write a Short Essay By Rachel Ragatz Introduction: (one paragraph) The introduction needs to accomplish a few things: Catch the reader’s interest. The first sentence of the introduction should be an interesting statement about the topic. This sentence is designed to pique the reader’s curiosity and encourage them to read on. Introduce the topic. Briefly explain the first sentence and prepare the reader for the thesis. Try to keep this to only a few sentences at most. Present the thesis sentence. The thesis is generally the most important sentence in a paper. It is the crux of what the paper is about. This is where to express a thought or opinion, then use the body of the essay to back it up. End the introduction paragraph with the thesis. Body: (one paragraph per idea, 3+ ideas) Support the Thesis. The goal of the body paragraphs is to support and explain the thesis. Break up the supporting concepts into a series of paragraphs, one paragraph per concept. Give two or three examples per concept and explain them. Follow the 1,2,3,2,3 paragraph structure here. This is the substance of the paper, and the place to convince the reader the thesis is valid.
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How+to+Write+an+Essay - HowtoWriteaShortEssay By Rachel...

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