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Mutations - i May or maynot effect resulting protein 3...

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Mutations Change in DNA sequence Mutagens: Agents that cause mutations e.g. UV rays, chemicals/carcinogens cause cancer Base substitution Mutation: Single base is replaced by another. 1. Silent : No effect. Still codes for same amino acid. . UUA->UUG Leucine 2. Missense : Changes the amino acid codon. GGC->AGC Ser ->Glycine
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Unformatted text preview: i. May or maynot effect resulting protein 3. Nonsense : Changes amino acid codon to stop codon. AGA(Arg)->UGA (Stop) Produce premature protein-nonfunctional protein Frame shift Mutation : Nucleotide deletion changes the reading frame of codons Produces Nonfunctional Protein...
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