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Executive Summary Tutor Us is designed as a global internet language exchange service that is focused on reducing the overall cost of traditional face to face tutoring session and making customer-to-customer communication more convenient. Tutor US will also attain a competitive edge by offering a high demanding service such as language exchange and e-commerce, through Internet Technology which has become essential for any business presence. Tutor US intends to establish and operate an internet Website with services costing less than traditional tutoring sessions, while supplying efficient quality. We will present an alternative for a growing customer base to experience a foreign language and culture at an affordable price. Tutor Us will develop a unique service platform that provides customers various ways to form different accents, vocabularies, dialects, and other various types of linguistic forms. A High- speed internet telephone service will also be provided, enabling customers to have individual tutor sessions, to group-to-group tutoring sessions. By Using Internet Provided telephone services we will serve as a data/reference base for schools and individuals to find someone who is suited to teach and perform lessons. Having answers to English questions for students through the internet will give an opportunity for teachers to become more effective as a Teacher. Our data base and personality match with Students and qualified teachers will create a standard for the education industry where Information, compatibility, and experience must be provided to compete. Giving Incentives also compliments our company. Through SVSU's sister schools, we will form a relationships where Saginaw Valley State University students may tutor Foreigners from their sister schools which may better prepare them in becoming a better exchange student. The Market Europe alone accounts for 32.6% of students studying English as a second language. A high number of online English language learners are located in France, Germany and parts of Eastern Europe. In Asia, the highest numbers of online English Learners are based in Japan, Taiwan, China, and South Korea. Perhaps one reason for this trend is because of the growing influence of the English language in the region and also because Asian countries are progressing much faster in building a high-bandwidth broadband internet infrastructure than other countries including the United States. China is seen as the largest potential market of English learners. The reason for this is China’s accession into the World Trade Organization, and the hosting of the 2008 Olympic Games. Business Model
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Tutor Us primary targets are schools and Agencies in foreign countries who already have a English language program set in place. These schools and agencies are licensed in their country and are legally able to play their role as a company and recruiter for students. Our part- ners (Schools and agencies) will then pay us to employ qualified teachers for their students. We
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updated_business_plan_july_4TH - Executive Summary Tutor Us...

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