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Nirali Patel_article reviews - Nirali Patel Article: 8 ways...

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Nirali Patel Article: 8 ways to build collaborative teams Recap: The article focuses on how to build successful collaborative larger teams that links to success of an organization. Executing complex initiatives like acquisitions, merger or an IT overhaul requires a span of knowledge that can be provided only by teams that are large, diverse, virtual, and composed of highly qualified team members. While the very same characteristics becomes a problem in collaborative teams, the authors of this article focuses on what can an organization, executives and team members do to build a successful team. This article shows the research done by professors that studied 55 large teams and identified those with strong collaboration despite their complexity. The main agenda was to examine the team dynamics and environment at various firms in all kind of industries ranging from financial firms, media companies, an oil and gas company, telecommunication firms, and a hospitality firm. The authors came out with eight success factors that are: signature relationship practices, role models of collaboration among executives, the establishment of a gift culture in which managers support employees by mentoring, training in relationship skills, sense of community, ambidextrous leadership skills or leaders
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Nirali Patel_article reviews - Nirali Patel Article: 8 ways...

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