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Ray Kovarik_Cable Tech_November 2010

Ray Kovarik_Cable Tech_November 2010 - RAY KOVARIK 146...

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RAY KOVARIK 146 Mohican Avenue Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 Home: (631) 471-2017 Cell: (631) 848-7366 E-mail: [email protected] CAREER OBJECTIVE Secure the position of CABLE TECHNICIAN/INSTALLER that will utilize my skills, training, strong work ethic, and achievements which will contribute to the continued success of a grow-oriented cable company. SKILLS SUMMARY HIGHLIGHTS Organized, results-oriented, detailed technician Deep knowledge of tools, materials and techniques used in wire cable splicing Skilled in soldering, MIG welding, operating forklifts, floor jacks, heavy equipment Proven customer relations skills, strong interpersonal skills Honest and hard working nature proven through past work experiences Great reliability to tackle any kind of work difficulties as per the situational demand Ability to work alone with minimal direction, problem solver, collaborator/team player High standards of performance and productivity PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE ARGONAUT, B OHEMIA , NY (P RIVATELY -O WNED P EST C ONTROL C OMPANY ) 2008 – S EPTEMBER 2010 S ENIOR T ECHNICIAN Highly experienced technician performing pest control inspections of right-of-way and structures determining the infestation of weeds and vertebrate pests; direct eradication operations; and in performing related work as required. Provided pest control services to businesses and residences determining type of treatment required and supplied cost
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  • Suffolk County, New York, past work experiences, equipment Proven customer, Dialysis Water Training, dialyzer reprocessing equipment

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Ray Kovarik_Cable Tech_November 2010 - RAY KOVARIK 146...

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