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exam1 - family Can you live with that?” c There were...

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1. a) Yes, there is no problem with Ms. Peters keeping the job ad for the sales position. The ad is not in violation of the FEHA. It asks for a “youthful, self- motivated individual” that “must possess a Bachelor’s Degree from a four- year university or college.” The term “youthful” is more of how a person feeling energetic, and active, and not of the person’s actual age. The ad also requires a bachelor’s degree from a four-year college, which is simply a qualification for the job itself. b) The statement Ms. Peters made was not an appropriate comment because there are many issues such a family leave or a medical leave that are protected by the FEHA. Instead of saying “I am sick and tired of employees who have personal or family problems” she could say: “We’ve had issues with employees not devoting the necessary time for this position. If you work here, PetersComputers will be your
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Unformatted text preview: family. Can you live with that?” c) There were three tests given to Sam: criminal history, credit history, and honesty test. The Criminal History was proper because what was reported came from an arrest that resulted in a conviction. The Credit History was also proper because bankruptcy came in 2007, which is less than ten years ago, so that information could be used. The other information in the credit history is also proper. The Honesty test, however, was not appropriate due to the “highly religious” and that “Sam is likely to lie or deceive people if questioned about his homosexuality.” Information about a potential employee’s religion and sexual orientation cannot be inquired since they are protected classes of both the FEHA and Title VII....
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