Early Exam 1 - Version 087 Pre Exam 1 Sathasivan (49750)...

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Version 087 – Pre Exam 1 – Sathasivan – (49750) 1 This print-out should have 42 questions. Multiple-choice questions may continue on the next column or page – fnd all choices beFore answering. PLEASE DO NOT DISCUSS ANY O± THESE QUESTIONS ON THIS EARLY EXAM WITH ANY OTHER STUDENTS UNTIL THE ANSWER KEY IS RELEASED BY THE WEEEKEND. 001 10.0 points One mole (mol) oF a substance is equal to 1. the molecular weight oF a substance ex- pressed in mL. 2. the molecular weight oF the substance expressed in grams. correct 3. 100 g oF the substance dissolved in 1 L oF solution. 4. 6 . 02 × 10 23 grams oF the substance. 5. 6.02 grams dissolved in 1 L oF solution. Explanation: Comprehension and recall 002 10.0 points IF one strand oF a DNA has the sequence oF ATTGCA, the other complementary strand would have the sequence 1. UAACGU . 2. TAAGCT . 3. TAACGT . correct 4. TUUGCT . 5. TUUCGU . Explanation: This is based on A-T, G-C complementary base pairing rules. 003 10.0 points The fgure below was generated by measuring the pH change in a solution bu²ered with acetic acid, aFter adding either 1 M HCl (acid) or 1 M NaOH (base). 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Add Acid Add Base pH This acetic acid bu²er will be e²ective in maintaining pH in the range oF approximately 1. From 6 to 8. 2. From 2 to 4. correct 3. From 3 to 10. 4. From 0 to 6. 5. From 4 to 6. Explanation: The pH change is drastic below 2 and above 4, so the range oF pH maintained by this is 2 - 4. 004 10.0 points Which two Functional groups are always Found in amino acids? 1. ketone and amine 2. alcohol and aldehyde 3. carbonyl and carboxyl 4. carboxyl and amine correct 5. amine and sulFhydryl Explanation: ±actual recall
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Version 087 – Pre Exam 1 – Sathasivan – (49750) 2 005 10.0 points You have eaten a potato chip that contained starch made of 10,000 glucose monomers com- bined together. After complete digestion through hydroly- sis, this will yield I) 10,000 glucose molecules. II) 10,000 water molecules. III) 9,999 water molecules. IV) 9,999 glucose molecules. 1. I only correct 2. II only 3. I and III only 4. I and II only 5. III and IV only Explanation: Hydrolysis is the breakdown of a larger molecule to simpler molecule. It uses wa- ter and does not form any water molecules. Hence a complete digestion of a polymer with 10,000 monomers will yield only 10,000 monomers. To go into further details, it will utilize 9999 water molecules to break down this larger polymer. 006 10.0 points What happens when a vegetable oil is hydro- genated? 1. The oil becomes liquid at room tempera- ture. 2. The number of carbon-carbon double bonds in the oil molecules decreases. cor- rect 3. The number of carbon atoms in the oil molecule increases. 4.
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Early Exam 1 - Version 087 Pre Exam 1 Sathasivan (49750)...

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