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HW_6-soln - Perm#6-§e<IT/¢M~ EQE 353 MW W [email protected]fi:é...

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Unformatted text preview: Perm #6._--_--._-.-§e<%49T/¢M~%_. _ EQE 353 MW W ............... 11. _#@ffi_::é «WEEK: _ WW $17.} Wigffii .éfzfiar; @r‘Zé‘Q/l—r .. .. UI/dea I W page,j§:laewfiofi:fi,w%~seww pf W...-m.s_.\4......_.-..,._...,._., W. “.0.“ ORG $ClOO LDX $DOOO BRCLR O,X,$05,NEXT BRA ELSE VEXT JMP $COCC ELSE gdlraysles (:7) The stack is an invaluable tool for temporary storage for cases illustrated in the problem. By storing the .. .11. -qu- contents of the accumulators to the stack and retrieving them after required instructions are processed, we can safely restore the accumulator contents. The required instructions before the subroutine are @l 1.,.__..._.__.._.___..... PSHA, PSHB, and PSHY in that order. The necessary instructions after the subroutine are PULY, " PULB, and PULA, respectively. Due to the stack construct (Last-In—First—Out), stack items must be “pulled” from the stack in the reverse order they were “pushed" on to the stack. \ _ - .. mm.» .. "w"... _.._. -W...“ .._._. _. ,._. _.._. - m... ._ .. __. .-_.,. - _.... F- V "”“E‘ M ...
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