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HW_7-soln - Answer Each controller has designated location...

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Unformatted text preview: Answer: Each controller has designated location for RAM memory. The allocated memory locations for M the 68H0812A4EVB, by default, start at $4000 and end at $7FFF. The RAM space is used for storing M temporary programs and data and the stack. We learned that the stack for Motorola microcontrollers W_W__ ., ’grow’ down. That is, the stack allocates a memory location whose address is smaller by one or two WWW than the one in the stack pointer when new data is pushed on to the stack. Allocating the initial stack pointer as the last RAM memory address leaves the maximum room for the stack to grow. , ., 3;. agape} f‘i‘fja 5‘” , ., , ,-HW___,, _ ”Mum 1T§ji§wwm ., WW -1 ”W, to; ease; Ewart. WM 1 ”We throwawaflwém Q??? “1 , 293: £7vw-€§a.vm:-__mmywrfl_ , , _ d5§7LXM ,, “W597 gig 3&3 z {:3 , ,. w w 5% fifiw Eaigfi, w "T ...
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