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Chapter 15 – Stockholder’s Equity Quiz Study Guide TCO F Given a company’s financial statements and retained earnings transactions, the student should able to understand and explain them to other accountants, managers and business people. Their understanding and explanation should include concepts relating to the retained earnings and dividend process, the legal basics of retained earnings and transactions that bring this portion of equity into the company’s financial structure (revenue, expenses, gains, losses, dividends, stock splits and stock dividends), and an analysis of the effect of retained earnings (stockholders’ equity) on financial statement reporting.
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Unformatted text preview: Note: Please see quiz introduction page for additional details on the number questions, length of quiz, etc. Quiz Hints: You should know the difference between small and large stock dividends and the proper accounting treatment. You need to understand the feature and effects of stock splits and how they compare to stock dividends. You should understand the accounting treatment for all dividend types. You should be able to calculate the effect of various dividend transactions on the balances of retained earnings and total stockholders’ equity. Go for it!...
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