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BIO 221 HW2 - susceptibility to colon cancer The probe...

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2. -35 -10 +1 5’-TAGTGTA TTGACATGATAGAAGCACTCTTAC TATAATCTCAATAGCTACG-3’ 3’-ATCACATAACTGTACTATCTTCGTGAGAATGATATTAGAGTTATCGATGC-5’ Template Strand RNA polymerase 3. 5’ GGCATGTCAGGGCCTTACAAACATAATG 3’ Template strand 3’ CCGUACAGUCCCGGTTUGUUUGUAUUAC 5’ Peptide sequence 4. a. (co-repressor present and activator binds) (gene is expressed) _______________________//____________________ A b. (co-repressor present and bound by protein causing change to binding site) ( gene is not expressed) ______________________//_______________________ A c.
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(inducer present and binds to repressor and changes the conformation and unable to bind to operator and gene is not expressed) _________________________//________________________ A 5. Yes the radioactive nucleic acid is added and binds to the DNA segment, in this case the gene that enhances
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Unformatted text preview: susceptibility to colon cancer. The probe enhances the color of the band in the agarose gel and patient 2 does have an enhanced band. 6. a. Cytokines= allow chemotaxis (recruit) to site of infection b. TLRs= produce cytokines which induce pain and in turn increase blood flow, produce adhesion molecules, make capillary walls porous, and then swelling c. interferon alpha= proteins that respond to pathogens and communicate to cells to trigger protective defenses d. MHC-II= mounts foreign protein from phagolysosome and recruits T-helper cells to activate the adaptive immune response. e. Dendritic cells= recognize antigens and engulf the infected, dead cells f. B-lymphocytes= make antibodies against antigens...
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