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CHM333 Exam 3 review

CHM333 Exam 3 review - [Lipids-insoluble in water-soluble...

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[Lipids] -insoluble in water -soluble in organic solvents and other lipids Functions: -storage, stored in adipose tissue, structural, protective(waxy) [Classes of Lipids] -Triacylglycerols (TAGS)= storage(non-polar) -Phosphoacylglycerols= membrane structural (polar) -Sphingolipids= membrane structural (polar) (ABOVE HAVE THE BASIC STRUCTURE) -Non-saponifiable lipids= steroids, hormones, cholesterol (fused ring structure) [Drawing and Naming Fatty Acids] [Fatty Acids] -long chain carboxylic acids COOH- -they interact through hydrophobic interaction -Amphipathic= have both hydrophilic and hydrophobic parts 2 Types: Saturated=(NO double bonds) pack closely, FA’s can’t move as freely, higher melting temp. because it takes more energy to break interactions, solid at room temp. Unsaturated= (double bonds) pack loosely, more fluid, lower melting temp, liquid at room temp. [Nomenclature of FA’s] 18:1 ^9 = # of carbons: # of double bonds ^ (position of double bonds)
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Triacylglycerols Made up from 3 fatty acids ester linked to glycerol -each –OH on glycerol can react with a fatty acid -start with C1 -> C2-> C3-> -Release H 2 O upon formation of ester linkage -Broken Down by an enzyme called (Lipase) found in adipocytes and intestines Hydrolyzed into 3 fatty acids and 1 glycerol [Oils and Trans Fats] Oils- usually from plants -contains more (unsaturated) fatty acids- liquid at room temp. Fats- usually from animals -contain more (saturated) fatty acids- solid at room temp -stored in adipose tissue Fat Substitutes: Olestra- chemically synthesized fat (TAG) substitute
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