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DNA extra credit - Erwin Chargaff found that there were...

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Friedrich Miescher- isolated nuclein from white blood cells from pus-filled bandages. Assumed correctly that the nuclein precipitate was from the large nuclei of the white blood cells -Phoebus Levene- deconstructed the DNA components and found that the DNA was a long chain molecule, made of nucleotides, ribose sugar, and phosphate Oswald Avery- showed DNA was the transforming principle. When isolated DNA was able to transform another strand and confert characteristics onto that second strain
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Unformatted text preview: Erwin Chargaff- found that there were constant quantities of each of the nucleotides in a given DNA for certain species Rosalind Franklin- found that phosphorus must be on the outside Linus Pauling- developed the triple helix theory Watson and Crick- developed the double helix with base pairs Maurice Wilkins- obtained a picture of proof that DNA is crystalline...
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