Final Exam CHM333 - Final Exam Exam 1 -The Primary purpose...

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Final Exam Exam 1 -The Primary purpose of membranes in eukaryotic cells is: To create compartments to separate biochemical functions -What are the energy-producing organelles in eukaryotic cells: Mitochondria -Aspartame (Nutrasweet) is: -a dipeptide -Free rotation about the peptide bond in a protein is restricted primarily because of: -partial double-bond character of the peptide bond -Quaternary structure refers to: -the relative orientation of one polypeptide to another polypeptide in a multi-subunit protein complex -Enantiomers are: -a pair of compounds that are non-superimposable mirror images of one another -The lysosome is important for: -disposal of molecular waste/excess -The primary structure of a protein describes the: -linear sequence of amino acids -Structural proteins that typically assemble into large cables or threads to provide mechanical support to cells or organisms are classified as fibrous proteins -The [H + ] concentration at pH 4.4 is: -100 times higher than the [H + ] concentration at pH 6.4 -if human blood is not maintained at close to pH=7.4, a person can develop: -acidosis and alkalosis -proteins are biopolymers of amino acids in which monomers are linked in a linear fashion with which type of bond?
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-amide Exam 2 -what is meant by “Primary structure” of a protein? Linear sequence of amino acids
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Final Exam CHM333 - Final Exam Exam 1 -The Primary purpose...

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