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Richard Canada Hort 306 Extra Credit Assignment Shakespeare tells the story on the side of Richard II and gives a sense of sympathy towards him and his colleagues. The play starts out with the audience aware of Richard II’s capture by Bolingbroke although Queen Isabel has not aware of his capture at all but saddened though by his absence. She is walking through the Duke of York’s garden along with her ladies and they are trying to suggest ways to make happy and to escape this state of depression. As they are walking through the garden they notice the gardener and his workers conversing while tending to the garden. The ladies and the queen want to listen in so, they hide within the garden to listen. When the gardener and his men discuss politics and the corruption surrounding England today, Shakespeare decides to use the knowledge of horticulture as metaphors of the state of the country. Many lines in the play suggest this knowledge of England in this era. Line 31-38,” Go bind thou up you dangling apricocks, which, like unruly children,
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Hort 306 Extra Credit - R ichard Canada Hort 306 Extra...

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