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Richard Canada 10-11-10 Extra Credit #3 The first panelist if the Research Synergy Panel on the Environment was Laura Zanotti. She did extensive research on a remote village in Aukre, Brazil. The village people relied heavily on the environment for economic stability and is basically the main contributor to their market/cash based economy. The products are contributed from berries and brazil nuts, which she called Non-timber forest products. The village people pursue these products because of the high income attained from them and they don’t disrupt their morals. By collecting these products it maintains the people’s traditional lifestyle with little outside influence. Another panelist was Adrian Del Caro who is a professor for the department of foreign languages and literature. He read a piece produced by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, titled Faust: A Tragedy. This passage correlated the way men affect the environment is positively counteracted by women and how women influence men with their soft and caring treatments towards the environment. If men just listen and do as women would do things they could be directed to not negatively impact the
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  • Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Laura Zanotti, non-timber forest products, Adrian Del Caro, Research Synergy Panel

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