HSCI345 HW2 - H SCI 345 H W Assignment #2 Richard Canada...

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HSCI 345 HW Assignment #2 Richard Canada 8-31-10 1) A. Hamilton county ranks in the top 90-100% among other counties B. 30% of surface waters have impaired or threatened uses 2) Hamilton County has a 0% of housing units with a high risk of lead hazards. There seems to be many houses built before 1950, around 5,600, that could be contaminated with lead paint. With the older houses that could be contaminated means poverty stricken families will have no choice but to resort to those houses. While there are 2,100 housing units with low income and about 870 children under 5 living in poverty. There is a good chance these kids will be exposed to some minute level of lead. All in all I would say the overall risk of the majority of the population seems to be low according to the environmental score card. 3) A. Styrene, a carcinogen, is released in the Hamilton county by as much as 89,280 pounds. Another chemical that is a GI tract toxin is released at 59,300 pounds and Sulfuric Acid, which is a musculoskeletal toxicant, is
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HSCI345 HW2 - H SCI 345 H W Assignment #2 Richard Canada...

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