Lab 6 - velocities of the carts In activity one we observed...

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Conceptual Questions 1) The surface area at the end of the gun against your shoulder has more surface area than the bullet so it doesn’t pierce you that damages your vital organs 2) The force of the hammer is larger because the mass times gravity is larger there for more force to drive the nail down into the surface. Analysis In this lab we were observing the change in impulse and momentum. We had a track with two different carts. Motion sensors were on both sides of the track to observe the
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Unformatted text preview: velocities of the carts. In activity one we observed that before the collision the total momentum was 2.435. And after the collision the momentum changed to 1.0646. The momentum was decreased for the cart being collided into because the velocity was lower. When we added weight to the dynamics cart the collision carts momentum increased than previously because the added weight gave more of a force. We can conclude that the bigger the force the more the change of momentum will be....
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