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November 4 Quiz - taunted if they went to the stores...

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November 4 Quiz 1) European immigrants filled jobs that required little training. Poles, Slovaks, and Serbs chipped steel, poured molten metals , and charged furnaces. Native-born whites supervised them and performed the more skilled tasks. (The Negroes shine in coke oven work where is there is much dust, heat, etc….) 2) Whites were the only ones who ever ventured downtown and did all their shopping there. Blacks never left Midtown but to only go to work. They also knew they would be
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Unformatted text preview: taunted if they went to the stores downtown by the hostile whites. This kept the blacks from breathing in the hostile air which the whites breathed down town. 3) An economic importance of US Steel encouraged public officials to indentify industrial production as the key to local prosperity. They feared that pollution control would constrain industrial production so local officials allowed manufacturers full freedom to manipulate the environment as they saw fit. 4) ? Yes...
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