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Richard Canada Extra Credit 11-5-10 The panel opened with Roger Peilke who based his argument on linking the decision-making with politics; politicians view climate change as more about values than using the facts. The people of the US recognize that climate change is a problem and around 70% actually support the fact that climate change poses a problem for the coming generations to deal with. We all just need to get the ball rolling on climate change and not focus our attention to wars in Iraq and other political quo. Americans also are stubborn too, even though they support the idea there needs to be something done they don’t like to be told what to do. Would rather have options to pick and choose from. Andrew Revkin was the next panelist to speak and he focuses his time on the sociological side of climate change. We need to focus more on changing the public’s behaviors and educate on the way they are affecting the climate change problem. Once the public is educated and can form their own solid opinions
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