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OHS exam notes - Lecture 11 Industrial Hygiene= that...

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Lecture 11 Industrial Hygiene= that science and art devoted to the anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of those environmental factors or stresses, arising in and fro the work place Work Place Statistics -Injuries= 4.3 million -deaths= 5500(accidents) -illness= 330000 -deaths= 50000 (illness) -Dying from work is 8 th leading cause Hippocrates- if you want to learn about the health of a population, look at the air they breath, the water they drink, and the play they live…. Leonardo da Vinci- “Dust Causes damage” Paracelsus- the dose makes the poison Agricola- Father of mineralogy Bernardino Ramazzini- Father of Industrial Hygiene Sir Percival Pott= first occupational epidemiologist (chimney sweeps) Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire- 146 jewish girls died because locked doors, broken fire escapes Gauley Mt. Hawks Nest Tunnel- swallowed up 2000 lives “AREC”- the Industrial Hygiene paradigm for protecting work health Anticipation Recognition Evaluation Control [Airborne Chemical Agents] -gas- substance that expands to fill a space it occupies -vapor- gaseous form of substance evaporated from a volatile liquid -aerosol- liquid or solid particles suspended in air
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Dust=solid particle Mist= liquid droplets Fumes= submicron solid particulate formed by condensation of volatilized material Smoke= submicron particulate from combustion [Major Routes of Exposure] -skin absorption/ percutaneous -ingestion-GI tract -inhalation/breathing-respiratory tract -olfactory -injection -airborne levels are expressed as quantities per unit volume of air [OELs]= occupational exposure limits
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OHS exam notes - Lecture 11 Industrial Hygiene= that...

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