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Conceptual Questions: 1) There is no index of refraction less than one because nothing is as transparent as air. 2) The frequency does not change but since (Frequency = velocity/wavelength), both the velocity and wavelength will change in a way that the frequency will not. Analysis: In activity 1, we were to use Snell’s law to find index of refraction of an acrylic cube. To do this we placed an acrylic cube on the upper left-hand corner of paper. Outlined the cube and labeled the corners A,B,C,and D. Then labeled every cm on the bottom side and marked G1-4. Then looked through the cube from each G point until we lined up A and labeled those points E1-4 and traced lines to their corresponding G point. Also traced lines from point A to each G point and from there to points P1-4. From all these points we found the average index of refraction to be 1.31. In activity 2, we used the computer to simulate a concave mirror and found the distance to the image and the size of the image for different object distances. For activity 3, we used the computer again and this time used a converging
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