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Conceptual Questions: 1) When you tighten the string it gets shorter. This shortness gives a smaller period meaning more waves will be generated. The more waves the higher the frequency. Tension is what makes the string tighter. 2) The length of the string Analysis: This lab was to help with understanding mechanical waves and the sound generated from them. In the first activity we found that the higher the frequency the smaller the period. So the as the frequency is increased the waves generated get closer together. We then observed the phenomena of frequency of beats.
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Unformatted text preview: We compared two frequency between the sound generated from a speaker and a tuning fork. These two sound waves were recorded simultaneously. The measured data shows alternating regions of constructive and destructive interference. These periodic variations in the amplitude of the wave pattern is the beat of the two different frequencies. If we find the frequency of the speaker and the frequency of the tuning fork and subtract them we will obtain the frequency of beats. We also observed that as you increase the tension force the frequency calculated increases....
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