Physics Lab E11 2

Physics Lab E11 2 - have the same work function. Stopping...

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Conceptual Questions: 1. The number of electrons emitted depends primarily on the frequency of the light. A minimum or threshold frequency is required in order for electrons to be emitted. The number of electrons is proportional to intensity only when light is above this threshold frequency which is in the ultraviolet range. Visible light, no matter how intense, will not eject electrons The work function W = hfo where fo is the threshold frequency (minimum frequency of light that allows photoelectrons to be emitted). is clearly related to threshold frequency and is the minimum energy an electron must have in order to escape from the metal. 2. The stopping voltage would be the same for both photocells if only the two materials
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Unformatted text preview: have the same work function. Stopping voltage = photon energy in eV minus work function in eV. Analysis: In activity 1 we set up the apparatus with a photoelectric cell with a digital voltmeter attached then put a diffraction grating and converging lens in front of the cell. The mercury lamp was set up in front of all of that and turned on and set the volt meter to 2 V DC range. We adjusted the converging lens until sharp image of the white image was formed. We measured the Vs for the line spectrum of the yellow, green, blue, violet and UV light on each side of the spectrum. Using these results we then formed a graph of the Vsav Vs. frequency f....
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Physics Lab E11 2 - have the same work function. Stopping...

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