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Pol Exam 1

Pol Exam 1 - Aug 31 The Policy Cycle 1 It is what...

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Aug 31 The Policy Cycle 1) It is what distinguishes science from other fields of human knowledge 2) Model is an actual picture or structure of something and a theory is what someone thinks 3) Humans are intendedly rational, their behavior is strongly influenced by rules, they seek to influence institutional rules in order to alter others behavior 4) The quantitative predictions that could be more supported by the evidence 5) ? Sep 2 Tragedy of the Commons 1) It requires a fundamental extension on morality 2) A positive growth rate indicates that the population hasn’t reached its optimum 3) People want social stability so they ask themselves what’s one more animal added to my herd 4) Pursuing his own best interests in a society that believes in the freedom of the commons 5) ? 6) Yes, through intervention of administrative law 7) Yes, but only if mutually agreed upon the majority of the people 8) Freedom to breed will bring ruin to all 9) Yes, it is a good example Sep 4 Tragedy of the Commons 1) Fisherman are assumed to act as if they were a profit maximizing firm 2) Ignore the effects on others and the future 3) Because not all are out to gain profits some are out for pleasure 4) The problem is usually a multi-period one and the players don’t communicate 5) Too many government bodies competed with each other for political resources Sep 9 Tragedy of the Commons 1) We should worry because the population is growing exponentially and reaching a billion people in less time than before.
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2) Government manipulates people’s choices through offering them only some opportunities 3) Encouraging people to not have as many kids by public discussions and education on the issues 4) Development is too slow a process to resolve the quickly growing problem 5) The food output per person significantly and consistently outpaces the growing world population 6) High literacy rates, a proportional population of males to females, they have lowered their birth rate though collaborative reduction
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Pol Exam 1 - Aug 31 The Policy Cycle 1 It is what...

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