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Pol223 1 page paper - The CFC compounds are photolyzed...

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Richard Canada Ozone Depletion My main argument is on the fact that human interaction on the environment caused the ozone depletion we have currently plaguing our society today. The use of CFC’s in a lot of our products have contributed mainly to our depletion of the ozone. CFC stands for chlorofluorocarbons which are found in many aerosol cans which are sprayed are directly dispersed to the atmosphere. These CFC’s contain compounds such as carbon, fluorine, and chlorine. The ozone is made up of O 3 and is contained in the stratosphere. The ozone ultimately absorbs UV-B from the sun to protect the DNA of the surface of our skin. Without this effective layer of protection it is highly likely your skin can develop cancer. This layer also contributes to the green house effect by letting the heat radiate away or toward earth. The mechanism for the depletion is much like photosynthesis in plants.
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Unformatted text preview: The CFC compounds are photolyzed, meaning the compounds react with photons and the chemical bonds are broken, and the molecules that have been broken apart steal a oxygen from ozone causing it to be ineffective. Since the effective molecule is O 3 once the oxygen is stolen by the other elements mentioned above the ozone becomes ineffective and is now just O 2 . Many people believe that ozone has been destroyed for many years by the volcanic eruptions. The eruptions are known for emitting gasses and debris far up into the atmosphere. One gas that could cause harm is HCL which could be broken down to hydrogen and chlorine which allows chlorine to contribute to the destruction of ozone. If volcanoes have been depleting the ozone for years why do we need to worry now? Why worry about “man made” substances destroying our ozone layer?...
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Pol223 1 page paper - The CFC compounds are photolyzed...

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