Lesson Plan #2 - Lesson Plan #2 Teachers Name: Monica...

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Lesson Plan #2 Teacher’s Name: Monica Stierman Grade Level: 5 th grade Topic: Change Subject Area: Reading / Earth Science Lesson: A reading/science lesson on changes in plants (from seeds to a plant/flower) Duration: 12 days in 30 minute time intervals Content: Important facts: Children love to learn on how seeds changes into plants Key Concepts: Changes of plants that start from seeds. Skills students need for lessons: Thinking, writing, and evaluating ideas SWBAT identify plant part, where seeds come from and how they grow SWBAT summarize key ideas SWBAT Determine what plants need to survive SWBAT create original stories that demonstrate an understanding of personification SWBAT apply rules of grammar, mechanics, and usage to their original writing SWBAT apply steps of the writing process SWBAT Recognize how plants are a benefit to people and our planet SWBAT know how seeds changes into plants R.WS.05.02: use structural, syntactic, and semantic cues including letter- sound, rimes, base words, affixes, and syllabication to automatically read frequently encountered word, decode unknown words, and decide meanings including multiple meaning words o R.WS.05.EG02: Use syntactic and semantic cues —reading context, picture clues —prefixes re-, un- —suffixes -s, -ed, -ing to determine the meaning of words in grade level appropriate texts R.WS.05.04: know the meanings of words encountered frequently in grade-level reading and oral language contexts . o R.WS.05.EG04: Know the meaning of words encountered frequently in grades K-2 reading and oral language contexts. R.CM.05.01: connect personal knowledge, experiences, and understanding of the world to themes and perspectives in text through oral and written responses o R.CM.05.EG01 : Connect personal knowledge, experience, and understanding of others to ideas in texts in order to make predictions and draw conclusions .
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R.CM.05.02: retell through concise summarization grade-level narrative and informational text o R.CM.05.EG02: Identify and retell the main idea(s) and relevant
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Lesson Plan #2 - Lesson Plan #2 Teachers Name: Monica...

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