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Quiz Ch 3 - MGT 301 Operations Management Spring 2010...

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MGT 301: Operations Management Name:_Mark Zellner Spring 2010 Instructor: Kurt Haskell Quiz: Chapter 3 (40 Questions) Due: 2/20/10 11:59 PM 1. The ES of an activity that has only one predecessor is simply the EF of that predecessor. True False 2. By their very nature, projects have a limited lifetime, and that sets project management apart from the management of more traditional activities. True False 3. One responsibility of a project manager is to make sure that the project meets its quality goals. True False 4. Work Breakdown Structure is a useful tool in project management because it addresses the timing of individual work elements. True False 5. Ethical issues which can arise in projects include bid rigging, bribery, and "low balling." True False 6. Gantt charts give a timeline for each of a project's activities, but do not adequately show the interrelationships of activities. True False 7. PERT, but not CPM, has the ability to consider the precedence relationships in a project. True False 8. The shortest o f all paths through the network is the critical path. True False 9. Slack is the amount of time an activity can be delayed without delaying the entire project. True False 10. Every network has at least one critical path. True False 11. The critical path can be determined by use of either the "forward pass" or the "backward pass." True False 12. In PERT analysis, the identification of the critical path can be incorrect if a noncritical activity takes substantially more than its expected time. True False 13. Shortening the project's duration by deleting unnecessary activities is called "project crashing." True False 14. In project management, crashing an activity must consider the impact on all paths in the network. True False 15. The critical path is the computed longest time path(s) through a network.
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16. A diagram of all activities and the precedence relationships that exist between these activities in a project is a(n PERT/CPM 17. CPM -Critical Path Method is the amount of time an individual activity in a network can be delayed without delaying the entire project. 18. Perform a Critical Path Analysis is decreasing activity time in a network to reduce time on the critical path so total completion time is reduced. 19.
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Quiz Ch 3 - MGT 301 Operations Management Spring 2010...

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