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Quiz Ch 10 - MGT 301: Operations Management Name: Alban...

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MGT 301: Operations Management Name: Alban Mariau Fall 2008 2/40 95% Instructor: Kurt Haskell Quiz: Chapter 10 Due: Wednesday: Nov 5, 12 PM The goal of a human resource strategy is to manage labor and design jobs so people are effectively and efficiently utilized. True False Equitable pay alone cannot achieve a reasonable quality of work life in an organization. True False Mutual trust means that both management and employee strive to meet common objectives. True False Technology, location, and layout decisions are all possible constraints on the human resource strategy. True False Maintaining a stable workforce generally results in the firm paying higher wages than a firm that follows demand. True False Flextime is a system that allows employees, within limits, to determine their own work schedules. True False Labor specialization includes the development of specialized tools to reduce labor costs. True False An enlarged job has more responsibility than the same job enriched. True False Job rotation is an example of job enlargement. True False Fredrick W. Taylor is credited with introducing psychology into the workplace. True False Self-directed teams tend to be successful in work environments where there is little employee empowerment. True False The Hawthorne studies, which showed that there is a dynamic social system in the workplace, took place in the 1960s. True False Job expansion can lead to increased labor cost because of the extra workers hired in the expansion. True False The physical environment in which employees work may affect the quality of work life, but it does not affect their performance and safety. True False Ergonomics is a branch of economics that deals with costs of scheduling workers. True False Kanbans and andons are both elements of the visual workplace, because they are visual signals that replace printouts and paperwork. True False
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Quiz Ch 10 - MGT 301: Operations Management Name: Alban...

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