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Poland bans smoking in public places

Poland bans smoking in public places - 2 I agree with this...

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Poland bans smoking in public places Summary: 1. In Poland, the public smoking ban took place on Monday, November 16. Smoking is now banned in many places like schools, museums, theatres, airports, railway and bus stations, stadiums, hospitals and playgrounds. Smoking is also banned from one room restaurants and bars. They have banned smoking to prevent smoke from affecting others. Reaction/ Opinion:
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Unformatted text preview: 2. I agree with this article because I feel it is a good thing that smoking is banned from public places. All of the smoke could affect others and some people just don’t like walking through the streets smelling smoke. I support this because it does sometimes bother non-smokers. I fully agree with this article, smokers should smoke in specific places not anywhere they want in public....
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