Mahakapi Jataka - Mahakapi Jataka [The Great Monkey King]...

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Mahakapi Jataka [The Great Monkey King] Story 407 One day in Jetavana Monastery bhikkhus [monks] began talking about the good that the Buddha did for his relatives. When the Buddha asked them about their subject, and they told him, he said, "Bhikkhus, this is not the first time the Tathagata [the Buddha] has done good works to benefit his relatives." Then he told this story of the past. Long, long ago, when Brahmadatta was reigning in Varanasi, the Bodhisatta [Buddha-to-be] was born as a monkey in the Himalayas. When he was fully grown, he was extremely strong and vigorous and became the leader of a troop of eighty thousand monkeys. On the bank of the Ganges there was an enormous mango tree, with two massive branches so thick with leaves it looked like a mountain. Its sweet fruit was of exquisite fragrance and flavour. One branch spread over the bank of the river, but the other extended over the water. One day, while the monkey king was eating the succulent fruit, he thought, "If any of this fruit ever fell into the river, great danger could come to us." To prevent this, he ordered the monkeys to pick all the mango flowers or tiny fruit from that branch. One fruit, however, was hidden by an ant’s nest and escaped the monkeys’ attention. When it ripened, it fell into the river. At that time, the King of Varanasi was bathing and amusing himself in the river. Whenever the king bathed in the river, he had
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2 nets stretched both upstream and downstream from where he was. The mango floated down the river and stuck in the net upstream from the king. That evening, as the king was leaving, the fishermen pulled in the net and found the fruit. As they had never seen a fruit like this before, they showed it to the king. "What is this fruit?" the king asked.
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Mahakapi Jataka - Mahakapi Jataka [The Great Monkey King]...

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