Ch21Quiz - 1. French 19th-century printmakers enjoyed...

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1. French 19th-century printmakers enjoyed extraordinary freedom of speech. (Points :1) True False 2. Japanoiserie describes Japanese aesthetics. (Points :1) True False 3. The Moulin Rouge was a cafe with music-hall performances. (Points :1) True False 4. Art Nouveau is also known as Arts and Crafts. (Points :1) True False 5. Fin de siècle means end of the century. (Points :1) True False 6. Haussmanization refers to the redesign of Paris under Napoleon. (Points :1) True False 7. Modernism is a synonym for new or cutting edge. (Points :1) True False 8. A zoopraxiscope was the device used by Cezanne to study forms. (Points :1) True False 9. Realist painters represented mundane subjects on a monumental scale. (Points :1) True False 10. Henry Ossawa Turner's art is known for its Realist characteristics. (Points :1) True False
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11. Edvard Munch explored the pain of human life in his art. (Points :1) True False 12. Late 19th-century architecture rejected ornament. (Points :1) True False 13. The first elevator was used in the Eiffel Tower in 1868. (Points :1) True False 14. Moreau sought "beautiful inertia" in his painting. (Points :1) True False 15. The label "art for art's sake" generally refers to works lacking utilitarian value. (Points :1) True False 16. "Successive contrasts" refers to the colored afterimages created by extended looking at a single color. (Points :1) True False 17. "Optical mixture" refers to how the eye blends brushstrokes. (Points :1) True False 18. Toulouse-Lautrec's distorted figures anticipate the Expressionist style. (Points :1)
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Ch21Quiz - 1. French 19th-century printmakers enjoyed...

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