September 9 - September 9, 2010 Development and Puberty...

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Development and Puberty Test #1 next Thursday – need ID and pencil Research on development shows that we are changing over out entire life, not just the first several years of our life. First years of life – massive changes in how people think Even moral development occurs by the time of puberty Profound changes occur during every decade of your life though. Two models of development Stage – person is a certain way, then out of nowhere there is a profound change in thinking, then they flatten out again until the next big change. Pieget – a kid thinks in a certain way, then overnight, sees the world a different way. Thinking in one way, always building up, never going back Linear – we are products of our experience, we change incrementally every day. There are no big changes that happen overnight. Much of our psychological foundation is created on the moment you were conceived. Many features were created in that single moment. Genetics are hugely influential on how we think about the world in general. First hours of birth were massively traumatic, you experience light, sound and touch for the first time. The transition from a regular person to a parent is also a hugely dramatic change. It can be highly stressful. Same as when someone gets married.
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September 9 - September 9, 2010 Development and Puberty...

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