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October 18 - professional – OVER REWARDED • 2 Not...

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October 18, 2010 Justice Perceptions, Group Activities and Decisions Group Projects Justice in the Distribution of Rewards to Group Members Three principles: Equality – everyone gets the same grade Need – group of 4, two A students, a B student and C student. The C student would get an A, the B would get a slight bump and the A students wouldn’t move. Communism – no one is worse off than anyone else. Equity – You get what you put in. If you worked hard, you get a better grade. Merit-based system, what is deserved based on productivity Formula: Person A’s Outcomes/Inputs = Person B’s Outcomes/ Inputs Theory: Dissatisfaction results when ratios are not equal. Both A and B should be dissatisfied Responses to Inequity Predicted: Under-rewarded anger Over-rewarded guilt Two common ways to restore equity Proofreader study 1. Undergrad told about their qualifications and what they would make. (Not professional, but getting the same wage as
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Unformatted text preview: professional) – OVER REWARDED • 2. Not professional, lower wage - EQUITABLE • 3. Just as good as professional, same wage as professional - EQUITABLE They looked at how many errors each caught. • Over-rewarded caught more errors and worked harder to justify the change in pay. • Most other studies find that over-rewarded people DON’T feel guilty and don’t tend to complain. Other ways to avoid feeling inequity. Change comparison target Change type or meaning of input/output • Emphasize pre-existing talent or high status as an “input” (or de-emphasize) • Change meaning of output (work has social benefits) Sample Group Tasks Use physical talents – sports teams Generate ideas – brainstorm new business product Chose the right solution – solving a math problem, juries deciding guilt Resolve conflict – labor negotiation, board deciding to value environment over growth...
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October 18 - professional – OVER REWARDED • 2 Not...

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