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anthro final - 2.anthropologists distinguish gender as...

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2.anthropologists distinguish gender as culturally defined and sex is the biological difference between male and female India- some people are born hermaphrodites. India saw it as a rebirth These processes are done by other hijras They have a role in society In American society, we have transgender, which is a transitional stage But in these communities, they have a set role where they have to perform at births and weddings as dancers You’re only supposed to perform as a real hijra They’re accepted in their culture, but not necessarily accepted in their own family A lot of hijras sleep with men, prostitute themselves with a mom that will take them in and have If someone doesn’t want you to perform, the hijras think that something bad is going to happen to them. Difference: hinjras have a role whereas there are no roles in Berkeley Ex: for example, queers in Berkeley are accepted but in their own families they’re not Gender roles- matchismo means the superiority men feel in general in society/relationships Women are very absent from the book. The fact that they’re compadres and sharing their own emotions goes against the matchismo idea. Matchismo, someone that’s tough and doesn’t cry. Widely accepted because they don’t hide the fact that they’re alcoholics Muxe- they are accepted in society as a third gender A lot of the men regret what they have done to their wives or lost custody of their kids 4. reading- dolls film-trobiland [agency] lecture- 40s 5. Contact- Trobiland Day of the Dead- cultural influences Power: Senhora Aparecida priest and women; in portugal, there is a ritual of burying a live person (coffin) Conflict of people of lower status and priest. (shows change in tradition)
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In the Portuguese village of Senhora Aparecida, an industrial area near  Oporto, the annual festival that takes place every 15th of August is being  prepared. The biers that reach fifteen meters high and which are carried by  70 men are being erected and decorated. The penitents order the coffins  that will carry them, in a procession, to the chapel as is the secular  tradition. The Portuguese film crew arrives with the intention of filming this  spectacular festival. However, another dramatic story is about to unfold and 
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