conceptual physics problem set chapter 9

conceptual physics problem set chapter 9 - giant roller...

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Additional Exercises: 1. On a ski weekend in Colorado, Bob, whose mass is 75.0 kg, skis down a hill that is  inclined at an angle of 15.0° to the horizontal and has a vertical rise of 25.0 m. How  much work is done by gravity on Bob as he goes down the hill? 2. A pile driver is a device used to drive stakes into the ground. While building a fence,  Adam drops a pile driver of mass 3000. Kg through a vertical distance of 8.0 m. The pile  driver is opposed by a resisting force of 5.0 X 10 6  N. How far is the stake driven into the  ground on the first stroke? 3. At Six Flags New England in Agawam, Massachusetts, a ride called the Cyclone is a 
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Unformatted text preview: giant roller coaster that ascends a 34.1-m hill and then drops 21.9 m before ascending the next hill. The train of cars has a mass of 4724 kg. a. How much work is required to get an empty train of cars from the ground to the top of the first hill? b. What power must be generated to bring the train to the top of the first hill in 30.0 s? c. How much PE is converted into KE from the top of the first hill to the bottom of the 21.9-m drop? 4. A flea gains 1.0 X 10-7 J of PE jumping up to a height of 0.030 m from a dog’s back. What is the mass of the flea?...
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