chapter7 - Chapter 7 Problems 1 2 3 = straightforward...

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Chapter 7 Problems 1, 2 , 3 = straightforward, intermediate, challenging = full solution available in Student Solutions Manual/Study Guide = coached solution with hints available at = biomedical application Section 7.1 Angular Speed and Angular Acceleration 1. The tires on a new compact car have a diameter of 2.0 ft and are warranted for 60 000 miles. (a) Determine the angle (in radians) through which one of these tires will rotate during the warranty period. (b) How many revolutions of the tire are equivalent to your answer in (a)? 2. A wheel has a radius of 4.1 m. How far (path length) does a point on the circumference travel if the wheel is rotated through angles of 30°, 30 rad, and 30 rev, respectively? 3. Find the angular speed of Earth about the Sun in radians per second and degrees per day. 4. A potter’s wheel moves from rest to an angular speed of 0.20 rev/s in 30 s. Find its angular acceleration in radians per second per second. Section 7.2 Rotational Motion under Constant Angular Acceleration Section 7.3 Relations between Angular and Linear Quantities 5. A dentist’s drill starts from rest. After 3.20 s of constant angular acceleration, it turns at a rate of 2.51 × 10 4 rev/min. (a) Find the drill’s angular acceleration. (b) Determine the angle (in radians) through which the drill rotates during this period. 6. A centrifuge in a medical laboratory rotates at an angular speed of 3 600 rev/min. When switched off, it rotates through 50.0 revolutions before coming to rest. Find the constant angular acceleration of the centrifuge. 7. A machine part rotates at an angular speed of 0.60 rad/s; its speed is then increased to 2.2 rad/s at an angular acceleration of 0.70 rad/s 2 . Find the angle through which the part rotates before reaching this final speed. 8. A tire placed on a balancing machine in a service station starts from rest and turns through 4.7 revolutions in 1.2 s before reaching its final angular speed. Calculate its angular acceleration. 9. The diameters of the main rotor and tail rotor of a single-engine helicopter are 7.60 m and 1.02 m, respectively. The respective rotational speeds are 450 rev/min and 4 138 rev/min. Calculate the speeds of the tips of both rotors. Compare these speeds with the speed of sound, 343 m/s. 10. The tub of a washer goes into its spin-dry cycle, starting from rest and reaching an angular speed of 5.0 rev/s in 8.0
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s. At this point, the person doing the laundry opens the lid, and a safety switch turns off the washer. The tub slows to rest in 12.0 s. Through how many revolutions does the tub turn during the entire 20-s interval? Assume constant angular acceleration while it is starting and stopping.
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chapter7 - Chapter 7 Problems 1 2 3 = straightforward...

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