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conceptual problems - Quiz 1 NAME 1 Which of the following...

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Quiz 1 NAME: 1. Which of the following is NOT true for electromagnetic waves? A. they consist of changing electric and magnetic fields B. they travel at different speeds in vacuum, depending on their frequency C. they transport energy D. they transport momentum E. they can be reflected 2. Maxwell’s equations predict that the speed of light in free space is: 3. Which of the following types of electromagnetic radiation travels at the greatest speed in a vacuum? 4. In a plane electromagnetic wave in vacuum, the ratio E/B of the amplitudes in SI units of the two fields is: 5. If the electric field in a plane electromagnetic wave is along the y axis and its component is given by E m sin(kx- ω t), in SI units, then the magnetic field is along the z axis and its component is given by: A. (E m /c)cos(kx- ω t) B. -(E m /c)cos(kx- ω t) C. -(E m /c)sin(kx- ω t) D. E m cos(kx- ω t) E. (E m /c)sin(kx- ω t) 6. For an electromagnetic wave, the direction of the vector E × B gives:
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7. An electromagnetic is transporting energy in the negative y direction. At one point and one instant the magnetic field is in the positive x direction. The electric field at that point and instant is: 8. Polarization experiments provide evidence that light is: 9. Light from any ordinary source (such as a flame) is usually: A. unpolarized B. plane polarized C. circularly polarized D. elliptically polarized E. monochromatic 10. Three polarizing sheets are placed in a stack with the polarizing directions of the first and third perpendicular to each other. What angle should the polarizing direction of the middle sheet make with the polarizing direction of the first sheet to obtain zero transmitted intensity when unpolarized light is incident on the stack?
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