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NotesFeb 10 - Notes PHIL100 Feb 10, 2006 Discussion...

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1 Notes Feb 10, 2006 TA William Kallfelz PHIL100 Discussion Sections 0203,0204,0207 Another Correction (Exercise I.j): ___________________________________________________________________ From the Selected Answers page, I wrote: I.j) “[All scientists are inventive people]; for this reason {some inventive people are not Americans}, inasmuch as {some scientists are not Americans}.” Just like in I.g) the conclusion indicator is suppressed. However, we can infer the conclusion from the premise indicators for this reason {…}, inasmuch as {…}. The connective phrase “inasmuch as” function like the “ and” in I.g: because we’re giving another reason for the judgment. Conclusion (bracketed): S: scientists P: inventive people M: Americans Standard Syllogistic form: Some P are not M Some S are not M All S are P OOA 2 mood and figure Validity Rule Justification A NO Pass- both premises are particular negative B NO Pass – Both premises are particular negative, but the conclusion is (universal) affirmativs C OK, M is distributed in both premises (it’s the predicate of an O-form) D No Pass S is distributed in conclusion (it’s the subject of an E-form) but S is not distributed in minor premise (it’s the subject of an O-form.) E OK by default – both premises are particular However, as my fellow TA Billy Sunday pointed out, the phrase “for this reason”
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NotesFeb 10 - Notes PHIL100 Feb 10, 2006 Discussion...

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