PHIL100Apr14 - of ethical terms I have divided metaethics...

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1 PHIL 100 Sections 0203,0204,0207 TA: Kallfelz, W. Notes for April 14 IMPORTANT: FINAL PAPERS ARE DUE DURING LAST MEETING OF FRIDAY DISCUSSION SECTION. YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR (MARKED, WITH MY COMMENTS) ROUGH DRAFT WITH YOUR FINAL PAPER. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN AN UNGRADED FINAL PAPER (IN WHICH YOUR ‘TENTATIVE GRADE’ WILL BE YOUR FINAL PAPER GRADE.) Legend: Eg: Ethical Egoism (J Bentham) PC, AC, RC: Practice, Act, Rule Consequentialism (SJ Odell, JS Mill) DCT: Divine Command Theory KDE: Kantian Duty Ethics Vt : Virtue Ethics (Aristotle) The above depicts how the various ethical concepts introduced in Odell’s handout 1 interrelate. The large rectangle is the discipline of metaethics, which, similar to metaphysics (the study of kinds of being or ultimate reality), is the study of the nature and kinds of ethical theories, and what constitutes them, and the meaning
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Unformatted text preview: of ethical terms. I have divided metaethics, following Odell’s upcoming handout, into two categories: non-cognitive (the view that all ethics is based subjective 1 To be distributed the week of Apr 17 Deontological (absolute) Axiological (absolute) moderate moderate Ethical Theories Metaethics PC,AC, RC Eg Vt Non cognitive KDE DCT Cognitive 2 emotional expression) versus cognitive (i.e, the view that ethics has some objective, rational or logical content.) Within the circle of the domain of ethical theories proper, we have Axiological Theories (ethical theories based on value concepts) and Deontological Theories (based on character, duty.) The reason why it’s ‘yin/yang’ shaped is to illustrate that the moderate positions overlap, to an extent. (The moderate Axiologist will admit that ethics contains some Deontological aspects and vice versa)....
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PHIL100Apr14 - of ethical terms I have divided metaethics...

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