PHIL100March31 - PHIL100 0203,0204,0207 March 31, 2006 TA:...

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1 PHIL100 §0203,0204,0207 TA: Wm Kallfelz March 31, 2006 Skepticism and Certainty Exercises FORMAT EXAM 2: Select 5 terms from a list of seven and define (8pts each)…selected randomly from the list of terms beginning with “psychological certainty” and ending with “possible for/that” Write 2 essays (worth 30pts apiece) Read Odell’s handout on “Gods, Goddesses, Skepticism” in its entirety. Recall (March 29) the definitions of different kinds of certainty (found in p. 4, Odell’s “Definitions and Logic Exercises” handout.) a.) psychological certainty: When one feels certain that p (where p is any statement. 1 ) b.) epistemological certainty 2 : There must be overwhelming evidence for p . c.) deductive certainty: When p is the conclusion of a sound argument (or proof). More generally, when not- p is contradictory. Consider the following events by which one can make a claim p . Check box that you think best fits the kind of certainty: 1.) The weather is deteriorating, as you’re driving home, with several friends in your car. You turn on the radio, and the emergency broadcast system issues a tornado warning and reports numerous tornadoes touching down in your area. You and you friends spot a what appears to be a funnel cloud in the distance (approximately 10 miles away.) a) only b) only c) only a) & b) a) & c) b) & c) a) & b) &c) X X One could equally argue that the most reasonable choices are b) alone, since one is surrounded by overwhelming evidence that tornados are touching down where you’re driving, nevertheless this alone may not cause you to feel certain that what you’re seeing in the distance is indeed a tornado. (On the other hand, you could equally well argue that you feel certain it is, despite poor visibility, etc.) 1 Recall defn.: (p 1 Odell ) A statement is the use of a sentence by a speaker to make a claim. A
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PHIL100March31 - PHIL100 0203,0204,0207 March 31, 2006 TA:...

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