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1 PHIL100 §0203,0204,0207 TA: Wm Kallfelz Additional Guideline for Your PHIL100 Paper Keep in mind its length is 5-10 pages. This requires you to choose your topic with care. (Think “statue,” not “cathedral.”) It should be narrow and specific enough so that you can successfully complete the exercise adhering to the structure explained below. Above all else, the writing should be crisp, and brisk. Clear, concise prose. Avoid direct quotes, unless absolutely necessary. (And if quote you must, explain the quote in a few sentences below it.) You should, however, cite (paraphrase) any sources you use. (You will use at least one source. .whether the textbook, the lecture notes [mine or Odell’s or both], etc., since a philosophy paper, no matter how original, must be an informed paper—that is, clearly situated among the issues you lay out. Above all, this is an exercise in engaging the particular tools of critical reasoning of analytic philosophy. Keep in mind that that your grade for the paper will be an automatic ZERO if you do not hand in a rough draft by the due date! There are fundamentally two different kinds of paper you could write, as explained below: Referee or Critical Review paper (where you adjudicate among two or more different positions) Position paper (where you articulate and defend or critique a particular stance and/or position) Introduction (approx. 1- 1 1 / 2 pages) Explain (in max 3 paragraphs) what the basic issues are you will be refereeing/critically reviewing. (For
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PHIL100paperguidelines - PHIL100 0203,0204,0207 TA Wm...

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