MA360 Assignment I

MA360 Assignment I - 1 MA 360 ASSIGNMENT I Due February 8...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 MA 360 ASSIGNMENT I Due: February 8, 2006 (during class (preferred due date.) Absolute due date: no later than 5:30 pm Monday, Feb. 20 th (you can leave it in my faculty mailbox in faculty lounge) DIRECTIONS 1. In accordance with syllabus policy (page 2, section on Academic Integrity) in order to receive credit for this assignment you must adhere to the instructions set forth in this assignment, as explained in these directions. Moreover, you must attach this page to the assignment, as a cover sheet, signed and dated. If you emailed the assignment to me, you must still hand in this signed and dated document, in order to receive credit. 2. You may consult with the instructor, the notes you took in class, and any text or URL. You may also consult with your fellow classmates, if you choose, but the solutions to the problems must be written up by your own hand individually. (In other words, ‘consulting’ here doesn’t mean copying what your fellow classmate does without understanding what you’re copying.) You may not, however, consult with any other faculty member at Capitol College or elsewhere. If you consulted any references, you should cite. Please adopt the following format when citing: (Example) “According to Eqn 1 [ Jones (1992), 11] …” …where the complete reference of Jones is found in your list of references, stapled at...
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MA360 Assignment I - 1 MA 360 ASSIGNMENT I Due February 8...

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